Perl Workshop Sponsors

Our sponsors

We are looking for sponsors. Please contact us ( for information about how you can help support the French Perl Workshop 2009. Much of the necessary funding for this workshop comes from the generous donations of our sponsors.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their help and confidence. Please allow us to introduce them in more detail:

The City of Science and Industry was established by the Decree of 18 February 1985 amended in July 1998 and October 2004. The decree of 24 February 2006 was given a new status. This is a public national à caractère industriel et commercial (EPIC) under the supervision of the ministers responsible for culture and research. It was opened on 13 March 1986. The institution's mission is to "make available to all public scientific, technical and industrial, as well as present social issues related to their development. It contributes to the dissemination in France and abroad."
BibLibre sounds good in French, even though we do realize it's hardly pronounceable in English because of that guttural French R towards the end. We're sorry about that and try to make up for it by speaking the best English we can; and we can, indeed, work with you in English: we're located in France but have clients in the South Pacific, in Armenia: Open Source software knows no borders, and this is a truly global world, right? BibLibre was incorporated in 2007, building on 5 successful years of work as free-lance consultants in open source softwares in libraries in general, and Koha in particular.
rtgi translate by networks, territories and geography of the information is a start-up that develops solutions for analyzing social media (blogs, forums, participating sites, social networks, micro-publications). rtgi offers its clients, agencies, research institutes, the portal before the social media to more closely monitor the conversations that take place there. It allows to monitor the image and reputation of any product, brand, service or person about news on all the communities of French influence from the web.
Dot and Co is a company specialized in Internet naming (management of domain names) with a strong focus for its development on quality and reliability criteria. Objectives targeted are in particular transparency (internally towards individuals involved with the company, externally with clients and suppliers), a true standpoint on all issues related to domain names governance, a technical excellence (quality and reliability), and creating opportunities for open participation to individuals involved and clients, who are not only buyers.
Linux Magazine France, the French magazine 100% GNU/Linux. Each month providing the news of the Free Software world, reports and interviews, technical articles concerning system and network administration, development, graphics... and Perl. The technical reference of the French Linux world!
UbiCast offers intuitive, plug-and-broadcast semi-automated video production systems for corporate establishments, teaching institutions and music-related locations. UbiCast is the leader in tomorrow's computer-assisted filming solutions ; our technology allows users to cost-effectively create live or VoD content for Internet WebTV channels, using our single-manned or fully automated room-based appliances.