T-shirts on the way!

16/06/09 19:19 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

We faced a problem with the T-Shirts this year. They weren't available during the workshop :-(

Some attendants pre-bought T-Shirts.

Now we have them. They're packed. I'll post them tomorrow.


Update June 17th: T-shirts are in the hands of La Poste now.

Videos online

15/06/09 17:49 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

Thanks to UbiCast, some videos of the conference are already available online.

That's all folks!

15/06/09 17:09 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

The French Perl Workshop 2009 is over.

We want to thanks the speakers, the audience, and of course our sponsors: La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, BibLibre, rtgi, Dot and Co, GNU Linux Magazine France and UbiCast.

Videos of the conference should be on line soon.

If you're interested in organising FPW2010, let us know!


12/06/09 11:55 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

The conference is available live thanks to Ubicast:

Due to unexpected hardware failure only the room BibLibre is broadcasted.

Friday's dinner

09/06/09 10:08 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

As every year there is dinner planned on Friday evening.

We will be at Le Dampierre this year.

Go to the wiki and register so we can make a reservation at the restaurant.

Talks schedule now online

27/05/09 10:30 by Philippe Bruhat (‎BooK‎)

We've just finished the talks schedule for the conference.

Remember to select the talks you plan to attend, which will create your personal schedule.

The is still room for a few talks, don't hesitate to add your talk proposal!


08/05/09 19:18 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

One of our FAQ: what the fee to attend the French Perl Workshop 2009?

It's free! You can attend any of the talks, meet some of our sponsors in a... what the term?... fair trade job for zero euro.

Nevertheless please register (it's for free too), it'll help us to organize the event in the best conditions.


04/05/09 16:11 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

The sponsors will appear on this site very soon now. In the meantime we want to thank for their support: La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, BibLibre, rtgi, Dot and Co and GNU Linux Magazine France.

Communication campaign for "French Perl Workshop"

18/02/09 21:17 by Sebastien Deseille (‎sdeseille‎)

Communication campaign for "French Perl Workshop" began on 13 February.

A search of "journées perl" class the conference website in the first place.

Posters for the event

13/02/09 22:25 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

Here is the official poster for FPW 2009: in JPG and in PNG

Site for FPW'09 is now open

13/02/09 22:15 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

As you may see, the web site for the French Perl Workshop is open, for several weeks.

Do not hesitate to contact us to propose a talk or to sponsor the event!