French Perl Workshop 2012
June 29-30, 2012 in Strasbourg

You can also be a beared geek!
Franck presenting StarGit, one of his projects
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Meeting, Learning, Playing, Creating

Each year the French Perl Workshop are attracting more and more people. Each year we try to change the location, the atmosphere of the event. Hence, after last year edition in Carrefour Numérique de la Cité des Sciences-Universcience (Paris), the 2012 edition will take place in the Epitech de Strasbourg spacious premises, coming 29 and 30 June.

This new location allows us to rethink the event: longer breaks (for more informal communication), space for decisions makers; we emphasize dialog, meeting, practicing, interactivity.

Why register on the website?

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, access to the talks is free of charge. Registering will allow you to

  • connect to the wiki, and interact with others attendees (registering for the social event or the accommodation will be managed by this mean);
  • inform others of your attendance on talks you are interested in, so that organisators can handle technical details;
  • to complete your profil to keep testimonial of your journey (useful when you can't remember when, where and who you talked with), and to fill the size for you T-shirt!!!

Call for contribution


You want your Perl team to grow stronger? You can contact actors from Perl world, and recruit them!

You have issues to solve in your company? Come and talk to active members of the community offering a professional service in term of development, consulting or training.

You're just curious or undecided? The vitality of the community, the wide variety of applications, the strong tools or the responsiveness of the community may help you make up your mind.

Perl Developers

Since the release of Perl 5.10, the language is changing very quickly: new features, new practices and new frameworks slowly sweep past practices away and the publishing rate does not seem to be threatened. Moose, Plack, Dancer, smart matches, named captures are not yet part of your daily life? Find out what the present and the future hold!

Come to meet CPAN modules maintainers, Dancer authors, p5p members…


In addition to being powerful and expressive, Perl is also the result of great cultural diversity: learning Perl is a good way to discover and integrate coherent paradigms and several approaches.

IT professionals, techies, open source enthusiasts or just curious

Whether you are a coder or not, expert of Perl or other languages, you can benefit from the expertise of the best Perl programmers and discover the power of Perl serving important projects during a convivial moment.