June 29-30, 2012 in Strasbourg

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Franck presenting StarGit, one of his projects
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The French Perl Workshop will be held in June 29,30 at Epitech Strasbourg. This conference is free for the audience, although we need money to organize it so Sponsors are very important to the success of the workshop.

We are proposing this year 4 levels of partnership, for different services. We are providing an invoice for each contract.

To talk to us about sponsorship send us an email at fpw@mongueurs.net. Get involved and consider the following sponsorship options.

Levels of partnership

level 0: 200€ or more

  • Logo and presentation of the company (in French and English if possible) will be on the page Sponsors. Logos will also be on the right side of each page.
  • The partner is named during the opening and ending speeches.

level 1: 500€ or more

  • Same as level 0 plus
  • The partner has 5 min at the beginning of the conference to present who he/she is, what he/she's doing
  • Logo of partner is on every communication we'll make on that conference

level 2: 800€ or more

  • Same as level 1 plus
  • Logo of the partner is on the poster of the conference (assuming it is provided on time, in a scalable format possibly)

level 3: 1000€ or more

  • Services of level 2 plus
  • One of the rooms of the conference is named upon the partner
  • Opportunity to have a booth for the 2 days of the event

Dead line to have the logo on the posters is May 15th.

Dead line to have the logo on the T-shirt is May 15th, 2012

Common Questions and Answers

Who are Les Mongueurs de Perl?

"Les Mongueurs de Perl" is a French non-profit organisation that promotes the use of the Perl programming langage in France. Its members are of the Perl Mongers, a world-wide network of programmers that like and use Perl.

How many people are attending?

We expect that 60-100 people will be attending. They will be students, professionals, speakers, sponsors and members of the Perl community.

What will the Mongers do with that money?

The first usage of the money coming from sponsors is to cover the expenses of the conference (communication, goodies, flight tickets or hotel for famous speakers).
If some money remains, the association can it-self support Perl projects by buying communication stuff for the project, or help developers presenting their project in other conferences (paying part of their trip for instance).