Macros in Rakudo
June 29-30, 2012 in Strasbourg

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Macros in Rakudo

By Carl Mäsak (‎masak‎)
Date: Friday, 29 June 2012 14:00
Duration: 45 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: awesome implementation language macros perl6 practice

It's 2012, and Perl 6 is getting macros.

Macros are a sort of code templates. They help you reduce boilerplate in your programs. They're in Lisp, so they must be cool.

I've started implementing macros in Rakudo, one of the leading Perl 6 implementations. This talk is about that effort, and the ways it has given me a new perspective on Perl 6.

Attended by: Philippe Pittoli, maxmouse, Jonathan Michalon, marc chantreux (‎eiro‎), Philippe Bruhat (‎BooK‎), Wendy Van Dijk (‎woolfy‎), Victor Kimmerlin (‎Nacos‎),