Sponsor the Workshop

The French Perl Workshop is a low cost, two-day conference that will be held on the école des mines d'Albi-Carmaux Campus. The event is scheduled for May 30-31, 2008. Sponsors are very important to the success of the workshop. To talk to us about sponsorship send us an email at fpw2008@mongueurs.net. Get involved and consider the following sponsorship options.

Job fair

Stand: €500

A job fair will be held on Friday May 30, from 10:00 to 16:30, in parallel with the conference. It will start with the presentation of all companies taking part, just before the stands open in the atrium, where everyone wishing to talk about new opportunities and exchange business cards will be welcome.

The stand comes with a table, chairs and a grid for holding posters. The audience is composed of students, programmers, system administrators, from beginner to expert, and we only have a limited number of stands; contact us quickly!

Sponsor a room

Amphitheater: €1000

There are two amphitheaters being used by the workshop.

The first amphitheater hosts the main events (keynotes, celebrities, lightning talks) while the other hosts the advanced track and the talks in English. When you sponsor a room it will be named after your organization. Attendees will ask one another, "Are you going to the ACME Corp Room?"

Lunch and Coffee Breaks

Friday lunch break: €500
Saturday lunch break: €500
Friday coffee breaks (morning and afternoon): €450
Saturday coffee breaks (morning and afternoon): €450

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day. On-site meals and refreshments reduce distractions for attendees during the conference and increase networking opportunities between them (especially during the job fair). When you sponsor food, attendees will say to one another, "ACME Corp provided this coffee. That's hot!"


Minimum obligation: €250

The expenses are not limited to facilities and food. We greatly appreciate any contribution that benefits our attendees by allowing us to create a wonderful conference atmosphere.

What You Get

  • Free Entry for your staff (maximum 4)
  • Your organization logo will appear on the workshop sponsors'page
  • Written and verbal acknowledgment during opening and closing remarks
  • You can provide swag that your organization chooses to attendees

Common Questions and Answers

Who are Les Mongueurs de Perl?

"Les Mongueurs de Perl" is a French non-profit organisation that promotes the use of the Perl programming langage in France. Its members are of the Perl Mongers, a world-wide network of programmers that like and use Perl.

How many people are attending?

We expect that 60-100 people will be attending. They will be students, professionals, speakers, sponsors and members of the Perl community.