Our sponsors

We are looking for sponsors. Please contact us (fpw2008@mongueurs.net) for information about how you can help support the French Perl Workshop 2007. Much of the necessary funding for this workshop comes from the generous donations of our sponsors.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their help and confidence. Please allow us to introduce them in more detail:

Founded in 1992, the école des mines d'Albi-Carmaux is a leading engineering college. It is a member of the Groupe des Écoles des Mines (GEM). One of the School's most notable features is its major commitment to research, which is structured around 3 research centers. http://www.enstimac.fr/
With a Work Force of more than 11 500 employees, Sopra Group is a major European Consulting, Systems Integration and Application Outsourcing company. A strong offering, strong commitments in Europe and throughout the world, and a strong commitment: Sopra Group has undeniable assets to pave the way to the performance of our clients. Sopra Group was built and has grown on the basis of these goals. We shall continue to base our partnerships with our clients on these same goals. http://www.sopragroup.fr/
ActiveState is the leading provider of tools and services for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Over two million developers rely on ActiveState's cross-platform professional development tools, high-quality language distributions, and enterprise services. http://www.activestate.com/
Since its inception, Serviware has provided integration and engineering data processing services to a wide range of business markets, including automotive, aeronautics, chemical and pharmaceutical, banks and finance, services, research and education. Serviware provides turnkey solutions and an all-inclusive commitment, in scientific data processing, storage infrastructure and graphical rendering. Serviware also provides after-sale and maintenance services customized to user needs through its "Optimum" and "Integral" offers.

Serviware is THE solution for your information system. Learn more about us and find our partner and customer list on our web site. http://www.serviware.com/