Call for presentation

The French Perl Mongers call you to submit
your talk abstracts for the French Perl Workshop 2006

Abstracts submission deadline: October 30, 2006.

All topics related to Perl are welcome. Here is a short list of subjects that might be presented:

Perl 6, Parrot, XML, CGI/Web, Interprocess Communication (IPC), GUIs (GTk, Tk, Carbon, Cocoa), Natural Language Processing, Interactive Perl, Agents, Perl as Glue, Object-Oriented Perl, Scientific Applications, Internals, JAPHs, Perl Poetry, System Administration, DBI/DBD, Non-UNIX Perl, Security, Peer-to-Peer Communication, Perl and Bioinformatics, Apache/mod_perl, Unicode and Perl, i18n/l10n/g11n, Optimizing and Debugging, Extending Perl, Embedding Perl, or else Your Favorite Topic.

Please submit your abstracts through the talk submission form. The abstracts and talks should be in French, if possible.

Please note that talks in French are strongly prefered. We want to offer at least a full track in French, so that there be always a talk in French at any time during the conference. However, we will accept a few talks in English, if there is room for them.

Speakers (except for lightning talks) have their registration fee waived. Travel and lodging, as well as visas, are their responsibility.

Please consider paying the registration anyway, even if you do a talk. We will need all the available funds to organise this conference. Speakers should take care of their travel, visas and lodging like regular attendants. We are a grass-root conference!

Conference organizers reserve the right to change the length assigned to a talk, if deemed neccessary. If you want to speak on multiple topics, please submit a seperate proposal for each one.