French Perl Workshop 2005 - About

What is The Perl French Workshop

Les Journées Perl is the French name of the French Perl Workshop, the French version of the Perl Workshops going on all around the world in general and In Europe in particular.

This workshop was given a French name (which roughly translates to "Perl Days") in order to make sure everybody understands that Les Journées Perl is primarily conducted in French and aimed at French speakers. That being said, everyone is welcome.


YAPC stands for Yet Another Perl Conference. These conferences were created as an affordable alternative to existing conferences. YAPC conferences are open to all. They provide an opportunity for face to face exchange where all attendants can learn, perfect, teach.

A european version of this conference exists since the year 2000. The 2003 edition was organized in Paris, this year's will be held in Braga, Portugal.


Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language and was invented by Larry Wall as an efficient means to process log files. Today in its fifth major revision, the language has become an extensive toolset suitable to just about any programming task.

Perl makes easy things easy and hard things possible.

(Please note that the association of Perl with the camel is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates).

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