What is Les Journées Perl?

It means "Perl Days". It is our (first) version of the Perl Workshops going on all around the world (Perl workshops are European, though).

We didn't call it French Perl Workshop because we wanted to avoid any possible misunderstanding with the French audience: last year, the same team was proud to host the yearly YAPC::Europe, in Paris, whose talks were held in English, of course. This year, we want to make sure everybody understands that Les journées Perl will be for the frenchies, in French, in France.

This web site started as French-only, because the timescale was tight and we are aiming for the French public first. Talks in English are welcome, but please understand we will favour talks in French, so as to have at least one full French track (out of two tracks). In short, everyone is welcome and we encourage you to contact us.

French is spoken on the mailing-list as well (majordomo@mongueurs.net, subscribe conferences) but there will always be an English-speaking organiser to help you and answer your questions.