ponie's progress

ponie's progress

By Nicholas Clark from London.pm
Date: Monday, 7 June 2004 15:05
Duration: 30 minutes

(Cette présentation est en anglais)

Perl 6 is the next generation of Perl, and will run on Parrot - a complete re-write of the internals. Although Perl 6 will run pure perl code, the new internals won't provide the C interfaces that existing Perl5 XS extensions need.

Ponie is a project to make Perl 5 run on Parrot reusing as much of Perl 5 source as possible. To do this we have to create for Parrot an efficient emulation of the Perl5 C API. As this the same API that Perl5 XS extensions use, this will mean that existing Perl5 XS code, and hence most of CPAN, will be able to be used with Parrot, and hence Perl 6.

This talk is about where Ponie is now, where it's going to, and how its going to get there (with all tests successful all the way).The foundations are in place and working, we now have a roadmap, and I'll describe how we're going to implement it, where we expect the problems to be, and how we hope to solve them.